In the small village of Elmvale, Ont., near Toronto, the water is said to be cleaner than the ice layers in the Arctic. There, you will see the natural wells of Springwater Township. Like those wells, NYIF is the purest source of finance education in the securities industry. It remains the finest. Born out of the New York Stock Exchange in the early 1920’s, it continues to deliver the highest quality education to finance professionals worldwide. Headquartered in New York but available globally through digital technology, our faculty and approach are the gold standard.


Modern-era business education founded on the institutional knowledge that built the NYSE. The New York Institute of Finance is professional success, 90+ years in the making.

“it became evident that, for the sake of the business itself and for the sake of the thousands of young men and women employed by the Exchange and by its member firms, some method should be devised whereby they might learn the fundamentals; the reasons why they did the things which occupied their working days”

NYSE president Charles Gay, 1921

This was the inspiration behind the establishment of the New York Institute of Finance. It became an integral part of the one-year training program for new employees of the exchange. By 1930 courses of the institute were extended to employees of member firms of the Exchange and now worldwide.


He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind. Leonardo Da Vinci.

When out on the open seas, one wrong calculation can steer you of course. Similarly, the wrong training can stunt your career growth for years. Select carefully and new worlds open up before you. At NYIF you can be confident we will understand your journey and help you plot a true course.


Our faculty is made up of financial experts with significant private sector experience that is current. At NYIF, you’ll learn from successful Portfolio Managers, Analysts, M&A Advisors, Risk Managers, Traders, and others. We teach highly usable skills for the workplace, as well as concepts and understanding. We create our courses and certificates in partnership with the main investment banks and associations in the investment industry. As we design our curriculum, these key industry partners have helped decide the skills we teach. That means our students are trained in exactly the specific subjects needed in the workplace.

We organize our curriculum into six Career Streams. Each one is made up of Professional Certification that can be taken online, in a classroom, or through a combination of both. To earn a certificate, students must complete a number of modular courses (typically, two to four). Our certificates are either concept-and-theory based (with a focus on practical application) or scenario based (job role and skills acquisition). Students in concept-and- theory based programs learn about a particular subject or role (e.g., asset management) in a case study manner. In our scenario-based programs students are placed in real-world roles and taught specific skills for the jobs in question. Real data and industry standard analytics are always on tap thanks to the availability of Bloomberg Professional terminals in the classroom. We call this Desk-Ready Training.


We divide our courses into six main Career Streams: Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Financial Engineering, Investment Banking, Accounting, and Operations and Compliance. A student’s education typically includes courses from more than one Career Stream. Many of our programs include optional competency exams that prove students’ abilities in specific areas of expertise to employees. Employees know that applicants with NYIF Professional Certificates are Desk-Ready, because they regularly input on our courses.

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