This prospectus is a little different from those created by other learning institutions. And so are we. We are the New York Institute of Finance and we will change how you look at finance education.

Finance education when carefully chosen, gives you many positive options in your career and every choice you make has a result. That’s why we work with you to create your personalized Career Stream, to ensure you make the right educational decisions. Your personal Career Stream will provide a clear picture of your career options. It will help you understand what companies could employ you, what salaries you can expect to earn, what roles you will be qualified for. Also what skills you will develop, what people you will be connected to, and what professional qualifications you can attain. We want you to fully understand the lifetime return that investment in your education with NYIF will give you. That’s what our Career Streams do and that’s why we are proud to be different.


Career Streams link our educational databases to industry, job, salary, and alumni data. This allows us to help you make sense of your choices and their potential outcomes into the future. We also map our curriculum to multiple professional designations such as the CFA, CIIA, FRM, Series 7, CPA, and MTA. That way, you know exactly when you will be ready to take those prestigious exams too.

Simply email or call to book an appointment with one of our Career Stream Advisors. They will work with you to create a personal Career Stream plan based on your work history, career aspirations, and available study timeline. You have the flexibility to take breaks, learn in planned chunks, or execute on your Career Stream in one full stretch. We will help you carefully plan your educational investment and then guide you to deliver on that plan.

You can download this prospectus to keep as a PDF and print it in full by clicking on the PDF print sign below. If you like it, please share it. Learning is better shared!

Our Warmest Regards,


Lee Tian.

CEO, New York Institute of Finance

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